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Hey Lovelies!

I am just taking a little break from work before having to go back into focus productive mode! I have been really lacking on post lately but that will be explained at the end of this, for now lets get started with this OOTD.

This day started off as a not-so-typical-LA-shoot to a full on mainstream-touristy-cliche LA-shoot. I really wanted to visit the Architecture + Design museum building before they demolish it for the new metro station but I guess they decided to shut it down early? It was suppose to go on until the end of April, instead it was already closed when I went 2 weeks ago. Boo. So the closest, walkable place to go was none other than the infamous LACMA.

True story.. I once drove by at night and saw a man dressed as Jesus emerging from the glowing lamp post with his arm raised high approaching the busy LA Streets.


I have been using this bag a ton lately and you will never guess how much it was. $5! YES! Only in Asia… sorry. I have decided that if this purse dies on me then I will invest in one that is similar in color because this red compliments almost any outfit. Its not a vibrant red so it won’t stick out as a in you face statement piece but it is also colorful enough to where you won’t miss it (c’mon its red).

Give yourself a break this summer from denim shorts and pick up a pair of beige/khaki shorts! Denim is great but these shorts transition from day to night so much more effortlessly.


I am swamped and crazy busy for the next couple of weeks trying to get a show together so that means sleepless nights until opening day. For that reason, my normal posting will resume at the end of May! I have 2 haul videos that has been filmed and one completely edited but I am having such a hard time converting it since my computer has run out of disk space. The frustration of constantly moving things into my external has got me pulling my hair out. There is only so much I can remove from my computer without it handicapping me when I work on-the-go. OKAY enough ranting about my computer problems! Hopefully I can get those 2 hauls up and if not I’ll just post them as a blog post which will save me hours of work.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post
❤ Jess


Top: Boutique Lace Detail Top / H&M Oversize Knit Cardigan
Bottom: H&M Shorts
Shoes: Aldo Nude Pumps
Accessories : Purse from HK / Forever 21 Stud Shades / Guess Watch

OOTD: industrial gray

Good afternoon!

I just couldn’t wait to wear some of the pieces I recently picked up from H&M so here is the gray jersey with sheer arm panels. 

The weather has been super nice in SoCal so it was warm enough to wear shorts but a light sweater is needed as well because temperature can drop quite a bit when the sun goes down.

Top: H&M

Sweater: H&M knit

Short: Hollister

Shoes: Target

Sunglasses: Rayban aviators 

NYE Holiday Party Outfit

(Click on the image for my style set)
Holiday Parties are popping up left and right and the big headache is putting together outfits that are appropriate for the occasion and crowd. I have put together a party outfit that would suit any party you go to whether its for the office, family, or friends.
This Blaque Label dress has a open back so it sexy but yet sophisticated and chic. This dress is simple so to add a bit of jazz and festive sparkle to the outfit I decided to pair it with a glitzy blazer. Don’t worry about your outfit being too plain when you remove your jacket because thats why you have your statement necklace. The one I chose has crystals with spikes at the end to make it more edgy which I love. I didn’t want to go too crazy with the rest of the outfit so the rings are simple and dainty and the clutch is a simple and black that can be worn on the shoulder or cross body. To tie the whole outfit together we are going to pair it with red pumps for that pop of color.
 I hope you enjoy this style post so what are your party outfit ideas?

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summer '14 wishlist copy

Hello Lovelies!

I went off to the mall today just to take a little stroll through the stores with no particular targeted items in mind. As I was walking aimlessly from store to store I realized there were particular items I was on a look out for so I have compiled a so-called “summer wishlist” but these items aren’t necessarily all restricted to summer only.

1. THE SOMEDAY Ivory Jumpsuit – Summer calls for comfy clothing and nothing can be comfier than a loose fitting breezy cotton jumpsuit. I want to find one like this where its loose and relax up top but is tighter fitting around the ankles. I haven’t found one yet at a more affordable price range because all the ones that I have seen have very loose, big, flowy pants. Theres just this effortless comfortable chic-ness to this that I’m loving.

2. Splendid 3/4 sleeve shirt – I actually already have this shirt in blue but I want more in other colors and one being white. These are so comfortable and breathable that its perfect for summer. You can also wear these all year round making it a great staple item to have in your closet. The only thing thats stopping me from going crazy and buying all the colors I want would be that it retails for $88 but you can find them cheaper when they go on sale or on flash sales sites like Hautelook/Ruelala/Gilt.

3. Aviator Sunglasses – I actually just picked up a pair on my trip to the mall today! I’ve always wanted a pair of aviator glasses because its a different look compared to regular plastic frame sunglasses. Its a more edgier look.  My face, cheeks, and nose makes it really hard to actually find a good pair of sunglasses that fits my face. I have tried on countless pairs of aviators and none looks good so I have pretty much given up on looking but to my surprise I found a pair with floral sides today for $5 at Charlotte Russe! I couldn’t believe my eyes after I put them on that they actually look good.

4. Abercrombie&Fitch Olivia Drapey Pants – Back to the whole comfiness thing, these pants definitely look comfy. Its loose but fitting at the ankle BUT its so much more flattering then harem pants. Its like a toned down version of harem pants if I had to describe it in simple terms. These are obviously super casual but you can also dress it up with heels or booties so its quite versatile. I haven’t tried these on myself so I don’t actually know how it will look on me but I have seen other bloggers styling something like this and its super chic.

5. Asymmetrical Skirt/Skort- These are probably going out of trend for all I know because it’s been around for awhile now but I haven’t found ones that I like yet. Most I’ve seen are skorts which is totally fine but my only problem with those are that the front looks like a skirt but the back shows the shorts. I find that to be really awkward like the manufacturer got lazy and just said lets save money and time and forget about the back piece!

6. Phillip Lim Pashli Mini/Medium – Not sure which size I would get if I really were to make the purchase. I think the mini is adorable but the medium would be more practical (obviously -_-). I have thought about what color I would like my next purse to be and I have decided a purple eggplant color. Its not quite black but its dark enough where it can pass as black so it can be matched with any color. This purse did come out with a purple at one point but its not part of their regular collection colors so I would have to wait for it return (if ever).

7. Manolo Blahnik’ Chaos Cuff Sandal- Something about the simpleness of these strappy heels looks so good with just about every outfit you can imagine. There are so many variations now on the market but its still hard to find a pair thats good looking, comfortable, and affordable. What I’m looking for is a very thin ankle strap because the thinner it is the less it would look like you’re cutting off your feet.

If you guys see anything that matches my description with an affordable price tag then please send them my way!
Whats items are you currently scouting for?

❤ Jessica

Summer Trip – Makeup

For the Summer travel series.. lets start with makeup!



I am determined to travel as light as possible on this trip. Mainly because I’m not going for that many days so there is no need to overpack. With makeup, I have placed everything in a clear plastic cosmetic baggie that was a freebie from Shiseido. I chose a clear bag because if I’m going to be sharing a room with other girls, most likely their going to bring their makeup as well. To prevent me from sprawling all my products on the counter I can just leave everything in the bag and not have to take it out because I see everything inside already! Saving space and time from when it comes time to pack and leave.


  • MAC – Style Frost blush (since we’re going to be out in the sun, I wanted a more orangey/coral blush)
  • NYC blushable Creme Stick – Urban Spice (bronzing stick to fake that bronzed look before I get my own natural tan. ahah I’m actually not sure if this was discontinued)
  • Lioele – Beyong the Solution BB Cream (didn’t want to take a foundation with me because I probably won’t want to wear any. But this BB cream will work for day and night because theres no SPF. During the day I will have to put on something with higher SPF anyway so bringing a BB cream/Foundation with SPF in it wouldn’t do much good as to how versatile the product will be.
  • PUR – 4-1 Pressed mineral Makeup – Light (Instead of bringing my regular powder, bringing a mineral powder or powder foundation is great for when you’re on vacation. It gives you the option of being lazy and not have to fuss over your face makeup in the morning. This PUR mineral face makeup gives good enough coverage to cancel out redness and minimize the looks of pores. If you want fuller coverage then simply use a concealer with it and TA-DA light make up for a beach day.
  • NARS – Orgasm Illuminator – (Gorgeous highlighter to use with a sun kissed complexion.)
  • Physicians Formula- Conceal RX – Natural Light (Since both my face makeup is not very high in coverage, of course I need to compensate by bringing a higher coverage concealer for when I want to be more made up … like for dinner or something)











  • Physicians Formula Eye BOOSTER Eyeliner – ( Pretty self explanatory, my fave liquid liner right now so of course it would be my eyeliner of choice to bring on a trip.)
  • Covergirl – Liquilineblast – Black – (For the most dramatic eye look, a pencil liner is a must)
  • Majolica Majorca – Lash Enamel Glamorous Volume On Mascara – Black ( since I’m going somewhere thats going to be hot hot HOT! I am definitely brining a mascara that will stay put)
  • Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Glitter Liner –  (just for fun, might not even use it. BUT if I get the chance to use it on a night out then I definitely will.)
  • Sonia Kashuk – Tongue in Cheek – 15  (used for a more sultry night time look)


  • Too Cool for School – Party Time (I bought this in Korea and I have no idea what the color name is. But I love this for day time and just bring with me for on the go because there is the cream shadow base on the bottom and two shadow colors that I use on a daily basis on top. Its compact so its perfect for traveling.)





  • MAC – Mineralize Eyeshadow – Fresh & Mint – (Fun colors that can be pulled off during vacationing by the beach with a pop of blue/pink on the lower lash line. )



So that concludes the Summer trip makeup that I will be bringing on my trip. What products do you bring? Got any good suggestions? Let me know! Next post will be on Skincare!

❤ Jess