Summer trip

When do you guys go on your summer trip? Beginning, middle, or end? I personally like going at the end of summer probably because thats when my family usually goes.. and because its my birthday month!

Usually we take a family trip to Vegas because 1. I live in LA 2. I’m chinese so my family like to gamble! We’ve been going to Vegas for my birthday for as long as I can remember. Funny enough though, my 21st birthday was the last time we went as a family along with my friends and thats gotta be one of the most fun Vegas trips I’ve had.


For this year though, I had the option of continuing the tradition and do a Vegas trip again or do something more adventurous, more out of my comfort zone. I’m the type that likes familiarity. The unknown kinda scares me. BUT I have decided this year to go to Los Cabos, Mexico.


Originally I intended this to be a girls trip with a bunch of my girl friends but as we’re all grown up now and have responsibilities most of the girls were unable to go. So its only going to be my best friend and one of my cousins. Even though its only going to be the 3 of us, its still going to be a blast 😀


Doesn’t that just looks ahmazing?! I can’t wait to be able to relax and just chill by the poolside. I have a insane schedule for the next coming months and I’m going to take advantage of this trip to relax because the next time I’m going to actually have a break is probably in Jan. Seems so far from now but I bet its going to fly by.

So, for the next couple of post I’m going to go off on the whole Summer Vacation theme and show you guys what I’m bringing with me on this trip (make up, travel essentials, carryon, clothes, etc) what ever comes to mind when I’m packing.

Have you guys taken your Summer Trip yet? What are some helpful traveling tips?