Review: First Aid Beauty | Ultra Repair Lip Therapy | Facial Radiance Polish



Hello Beauties!

I was planning on doing a brand review for First Aid Beauty because I have a whole set of products to try out but its taking me awhile since I am trying to finish up what i’m currently using. So I have decided to just move forward with reviewing what I have tried already which is the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy and Facial Radiance Polish.

If you are not familiar with the brand, they are catered to those with sensitive skin and all their products are free of “harsh chemicals and known allergens, including parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes.” So naturally we would be drawn to this because who can say no to better-for-you products?


Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

The product comes in a squeeze tube which I much prefer over the ones in a tin. It makes the product much more travel friendly and not on lock down at home. I just don’t feel very comfortable dipping my fingers in products which I’m out in public because who knows how clean my fingers are.

The product itself looks just like any other petroleum jelly but the consistency is a lot more solid. It spreads on your lips easily and the difference between this Ultra Repair and Carmex or Vaseline would be that it is not as greasy. It feels like regular moisturizing lip balm which I like.

When it comes to actual moisturizing and repair goes, I don’t see the difference between this and a $3 drugstore chapstick. It hydrates and relieves my lip from feeling chapped but it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to actually moisturize my lips. I hope you guys are understanding my drift here. There are products that will only temporarily solve the problem on the surface level but there are some that actual solves it at a skin deep level. For me, this is a temporary relief and I would not be repurchasing it.



Facial Radiance Polish

If you have used the St.Ives Apricot scrub and felt that there were too many exfoliating particles in it then you might like this. The best way I can describe it would be that this is a creamier and more diluted version of the apricot scrub.

The exfoliating particles in this are natural ground up nut shells so it can be pretty abrasive. This is not a gentle exfoliator by any means because the particles are on the larger side. There is a slightly earthy scent to this polish that smells pretty refreshing to me.

This does not leave my skin feeling excessively dry because the cleanser base is very gentle. Although it does exfoliate and leave your skin feeling softer than before you used it, it doesn’t give me mind blowing results compared to other exfoliators out there. I would not be purchasing the full size product of this because I don’t feel that its that special of a cleanser for the price. You can easily find a drugstore dupe that can give you the same results.



I’m currently not impressed by this brand if you can’t tell but I do have a couple more to try so I’m still hopeful that one of those product will impress me.

Do you have a favorite product from First Aid Beauty?

Until Next Time,
❤ Jess

Best Natural Detox To Relieve Your Irritated Skin

Hello Lovelies!

I like to believe that our skin has a mind of its own. We can go a couple days with the most glowing perfect skin fooling us to think that we have finally found the perfect skin care regime and then it just goes downhill from there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this treacherous cycle time and time again. In the past week or two I have noticed my skin starting to flare up and become susceptible to tiny little red bumps (like small acne) that forms over the course of the day then be gone in a day or two. What I need is to give my skin a little break from all the different chemicals that we use in our cleanser, moisturizer, toner, makeup, etc. to give my skin a little detox I use this scrub that only has one ingredient and is so inexpensive but works wonders for irritated skin. I present to you…Oats!

Oats or Oatmeal will make your skin feel so moisturized and soft after you use it. There are so many different uses that it makes this a Chameleon of Skin Care products in my opinion. You can use it as a face/body mask, scrub, bath, consumption, sun protection, etc. What we will be talking about today is using it as a Face Wash/Scrub.

The first time I used Oats to wash my face was after a bad trip to a facial that left my skin with a very weird bumpiness to it about 2 years ago. My skin was definitely reacting to whatever products that was used on me so I decided to do some research and found that Oats has anti-inflammatory benefits. It calms the skin and can also relieve itchiness. For those that have eczema you can use Oats as a body scrub or even take an Oatmeal Bath to relieve your skin (i haven’t tried this because I don’t have eczema). After using the Oats to wash my face it feels instantly better and plumped. After a week or so of doing this my skin went back to normal and was better than ever. I recommend you to try using Oats to wash your face because there are numerous benefits…
1. Anti-Inflammatory
2. Relieves Itchiness / Irritation
3. Moisturizes
4. Cleanses by soaking up Oils and dirt from your skin
5. Phenols and Flavonoid in oats acts as sun protection for the skin
6. Antioxidants

How to Use it…

1. You only need a pinch of oats. You can use pretty much any Oats that you would cook with. (not the instant individually packaged ones though)
2. Place it in the palm of your hand and add water onto the oats.
3. Press on the oats a couple times until the water starts to get murky from the oats breaking down.
4. Wet your face with the Oat water then just grab the wet oats and start using it as a face scrub. You will start to notice the oat breaking down even more as you scrub and the “juice” from the oat will almost form a sort of lather on our skin. After you’re done, rinse. (this does get a little messy so its best if you have a faucet catcher thing to filter the oats when you wash it off. If you don’t then wipe off the oats before your rinse your face)

Whether you’re suffering from major skin irritation or have perfectly fine skin, you should try this at least once just to see how well it works. Every time my skin starts acting up I will resort to this solution almost as a Restart button. If you have tried this then please let me know how it worked out for you because I would love to know if your skin loves it as much as mine.

Until next time,
❤ Jessica