Follow me to: The BEST Disney Theme park (Disney Sea)


Hello Lovelies!!

Earlier this year I travelled to Tokyo, Japan and one of the stops we made was Disney Sea. I have been to all the parks at Disney world except for animal kingdom and I am season pass holder of Disneyland in LA.. The only thing you need to know is that Disney Sea is by far the best Disney park I’ve been to.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t go to Disneyland mainly because we didn’t have time and it wasn’t really a priority to begin with. Disney Sea was a must go for me and it is soooo worth the visit. Its so pretty and the place is truly magical. The Japanese comes decked out in disney gear making me feel underdressed. There is a specific train that you take into the Disney park area and the tickets are sold at the shopping plaza area after you exit the Maihama Station.

The Ride that you must go to is called Center of the Earth. The style of the ride is like Radiator Spring at California where its a scenic tour at first then it speeds up. And the other one that was really unique in theme was the called the “Raging Spirit” (photographed above). It was a really short ride (reminds me of the Goofys Sky School in CA Adventure) but more thrilling and cool!


Being the foodie that I am I probably stopped at every food vendor cart that was there.. and guess what.. they all have different things! I definitely recommend the popcorn because that stuff has crack in it or something because its so addicting. Throughout the park each popcorn cart is a different flavor. Milk Tea, Strawberry, Caramel.. and I think thats it. At least those are the ones I was able to hunt down.

If you go to Tokyo and have adequate time to visit the park and choose not to then you’re crazy because it is definitely worth the visit. Here are some other photos just to give you a feel of how beautiful the park was.


Until Next Time,
❤ Jessica


  1. I saw that long bun while I was in Okinawa, too. I wanted to try, but no one else was hungry :'(. The popcorn sounds very interesting. yummm

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