Chocolate Strawberry Pudding Shots


Hello Lovelies!

To kickstart this long weekend for the 4th of July, I am here with an easy recipe that you can bring to your BBQ or party. Everyone knows about Jello Shots and if you have outgrown them then fear not because this Chocolate Strawberry Pudding Shot is like a jello shot that gained enough EXP and now has leveled up to the grown up level. This looks super cute and it’s easy to enjoy.



Strawberry (make sure their bigger in size)
1 Box of Chocolate Pudding (4serving size)
Cool Whip (4oz) – Optional
Creamer (1 cup)
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (1/2 Cup)
Vodka (1/2 Cup)



Step 1: Cut the top of the strawberry and scoop out the insides making it hallow like a cup. I used a Double Melon Baller as a scooped because the size is perfect for this. If you want the strawberry to stand on its own then you can also cut the bottom portion off as well creating a flat surface but make sure you don’t cut too much or else it’s going to cut into your hallow strawberry cup. You can use the insides for something else if you are making multiple dishes but I just make strawberry water with it.



Step 2: Get a big soup noodle bowl for the next step. It should only be filled less than half after you pour in 2 cups of liquid. Mix in your Creamer (I used hazelnut because.. hello? Chocolate Hazelnut= Nutella = heavenly!), Liqueur, and Vodka (or in my case Soju which is a clear spirit that is similar to Vodka because I didn’t want to spend 15 bucks on a bottle of vodka that I will not drink so instead I opted for a bottle of Soju that is only about $3).



Step 3: Add in your pudding mix and whisk it until its smooth.



Step 4: This step is optional but it really makes the pudding a lot more fluffy and light. Fold in 4oz of Cool Whip (do not whisk it in).



Step 5: You can either do the next step the hard way by scooping in spoonful at a time to fill the strawberry or transfer your pudding into a zip lock bag and create your own pastry bag so you can squeeze it in.

Step 6: Let it chill until it’s ready for serving. You can either chill it in the fridge so it’s easy to plop in your mouth and consume or it can also be chilled in the freezer turning it into a frozen treat.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but I really want to post this today before tomorrow! It’s pretty straight forward so I’m sure you guys can imagine how it looks like (: You can’t even taste the alcohol in the pudding and it’s so delicious paired with the strawberry.

If you decide to try this recipe out please let me know how yours turned out!

Until Next Time,
❤ Jessica

**sorry for the picture quality, the lighting was terrible yesterday >.< and when I make this again I will probably update the pictures in the future but for now this will do**



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