Guess Who’s Back.. Back Again!

hello again

Good Morning Lovelies!

Or afternoon.. or evening.. whatever the time is when you’re reading this. Oh man, where to begin.. I’ve been on hiatus.. for… way too long. I have been swamped with work and school and work and school and work. I think you get the picture. So I have had some decisions to make and priorities that needed to be reevaluated in life and now here I am. Changes have been made and now I can say that I am glad I have made them because I am focusing and doing something that I truly enjoy doing and get such gratification from it when a project is over. I am a Graphic Designer and for the past couple of years that hasn’t been my priority which it should’ve been, instead it has been something that I spent minimal amount of time doing just to meet deadlines and not really dedicating my time to. With that being said, school is the only thing on my plate now along with a couple side things going on so I think it’s only appropriate that I return and share with you what i’m currently up to.

Stay tune to see what I have discovered for the month of April!

❤ Jessica


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