Brophy Bro

Stopped by for a light quick meal in Santa Barbara on the way home from Solvang.. It was a little hard to find considering that the back of the restaurant was undergoing construction when I went.. but it was all cool and dandy when I found it.

The place looks like any other seafood joint that you’ll find by the pier. Inside seating as well as outside around the perimeter of the restaurant on the second floor.. (the first floor I think is more fast food style? I’m not sure.. they weren’t open yet when I went)  Very open and a great view of all the boats in that little harbor.

Since I was going for a light meal I ordered the…


HOLY SMOKES.. mouthful of clams in every spoonful. No joke. Even though its clam chowder, you won’t get that overly heavy creaminess. The star of the chowder is in fact the clams and not the potato like a lot of places. Must try!


If only the oysters shells were cleaned better before serving. It was almost as if the oysters were just lightly rinsed over water before cracking open because there were a ton of concentrated black dirt that got all over my hands when I was trying to enjoy my oysters effortlessly. Don’t get me wrong.. the oysters were deliciously fresh. Just got annoyed of constantly have to wipe my hands after touching the oysters.


One of their recommended dishes.. and after trying it.. I recommend it as well! When it comes to battered fried fish I am quite skeptical since there is nothing I hate more about food than over battered fried food. (fair food anyone?) But Brophy Bro does it right. The batter is so light its almost tempura like, but its not! I bet you this is one way to get kids to eat fish!


While you eat, if you decide to sit at the patio then this is the view… Sail Boats! Its so calming because the surrounding area wasn’t crazy busy with a ton of tourist. This was actually away from the crowd which was nice.


And after your delicious meal, you can go take a walk down this beautiful path.

Definitely stopping by again next time i’m in SB bro~

Brophy Bro’s Yelp Page

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