Kale Chips

First that I’ve had Kale Chips was actually in class. We were having a sustainable pot luck in my environmental class. I thought wow, this is actually quite tasty. After I went home and started looking at recipes but never really actually made it myself.

I have purchased store bought ones but I don’t think its very digestible.. if you know what I mean.

I have finally decided to experiment and make my own kale chips. Many recipes are the same. So.. theres not really a right or wrong way but this is how I made it.

ImageInstead of buying  stock of Kale, I opted for the lazy way out. I purchased a prewashed, precut bag from Trader Joes. That way the ones that I don’t use I will use it for salad.


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Pepper, Salt, and of course Kale.



Spread the Kale on the pan. Drizzle the oil on the kale. Sprinkle Salt and Pepper (your preference as to how salty and spicy you want it). Then mix it together so its evenly coated.


Place it in the oven thats been preheated to 350. Its going to take about 10-15 min. But check back on it every so often making sure that its not burning. You can take a fork and move the kale around in the pan to check if its done or not. You will know because you’ll feel the crispy-ness of the kale.

AND that is how Kale Chips is make. So delicious and simple. You can always season it with other type of seasoning for a variety of different taste. Be creative!

Only thing that I want to figure out is how can I keep my Kale from getting stale. After making it, if you don’t eat it within a couple hours, it will turn stale. So this is more of a make and eat type of thing. I need to figure out a way to keep the kale crispy so that way you can make a huge batch to munch on throughout the week. Because lets face it, most of us just want to grab and go with our busy life styles.


  1. I can’t believe I thought I was supposed to fry them the first time I made it without looking at recipes haha >.<

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