Healthy Eats: Pesto Turkey


Hello Lovelies!

Today we are going to dive into this extremely simple recipe of Turkey with pesto sauce. You can pair this with salad, pasta, quinoa or anything else you want in your tummy. Today I will be putting our turkey on a bed of greens to make a simple yet filling salad.


Pesto Sauce (you can make your own but I have store bought ones)
Turkey Cutlets (you can substitute it for whatever protein you like)
Mushroom (cut up)
Mayo (optional)
Salad/Pasta/Quinoa/Etc (whichever you prefer)



Step 1: You will need to prepare your turkey by doing a simple brine. Since turkey doesn’t really have fat, it’s really hard to keep the turkey moist without brining it first. Just have the turkey sit in a bowl of salt water for at least an hour if you didn’t have time to prepare it (makes a huge difference if its overnight though). You can pre-brine your meat as well and just have them in plastic baggies for whenever you are ready to use it. This will ensure that your turkey is nice and plumped with moisture.





Step 2: Place your cutlets in a small tray and spread the top with pesto sauce. If you want, you can mix a little bit of mayo with your pesto. This will help make your turkey even more moist. I used mayo on the left two and just plain pesto on the right two. Top it off with mushrooms and onions and you’re ready to plop it in the oven (350f for about 13min or until its cooked) **You can actually put the veggies on the bottom of the turkey. It only makes sense to place the protein on a bed of veggies but I’m not sure why I did it the other way around when I took the pictures -_-**

Step 3: While your turkey is baking you can prepare your pairing.



Step 4: Plate and you’re ready to chow. You can add some extra pesto sauce onto your pairing to add more flavor. You might have noticed that no additional salt is needed because when we brined the meat it somewhat marinated it and the pesto sauce has enough aroma and flavor that no extra sodium is needed.



I like to place hot protein on top of my salads mainly because I don’t feel satisfied if I am eating something that is cold. If you are someone that never feels satisfied after a salad then try heating up your protein and enjoying it that way. The other plus side to heating up your protein would be that you can probably even skip out on using a dressing because the juice/sauce from the meat will be enough to act as a substitute therefor cutting the extra fat/sodium/calories that comes with salad dressings.

Turkey isn’t the tastiest or most tender meat out there but it is the least fatty of them all which is why you would see that I try to use turkey meat whenever possible. I am still experimenting to see which way is the best in preparing it so that its more palatable. Make sure you don’t overcook your cutlet because when you do it becomes really tough.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you have any healthy tasty recipe ideas you want to share!
❤ Jessica

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