Tender Greens


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Fresh Fresh Fresh!

I have been wanting to give tender greens a try but sadly there is none around my area. I wish there was. Their salads are humongous so it will definitely fill you up. You can either get their specialty salads or pick and choose.. kind of like chipotle? You can choose your meat which determines the price and choose what kind of salad you want…. (for full review click on any of the pictures!)

** So if you don’t know I am a huge yelper. I want to incorporate some restaurant reviews for you guys so let me know if this format is good.. where I just link it to the yelp page or would you prefer me to just post the whole review. Don’t want to be repetitive so let me know!**

One comment

  1. I like your pictures with the name of the dish on it. It looks very nice! Linking to the yelp page is nice, since it has more details about the location you are talking about. It doesn’t look as nice though, because I have to click on the link to see the picture of each item you are talking about. I wouldn’t mind if you posted the review on here as well. If I want to click the link to yelp to see more information/reviews about the business, I just won’t read your review again. haha

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