July Conscious Box

ImageI have been a long time subscriber of Birch Box.. the beauty monthly subscriptions. But after a bout a year I realize that it was really fun receiving the box but after I probably only use about 1/4 of the samples I receive because I’m always scared that my skin will act negatively towards the products.

So.. I stopped and now after a couple months I wanted to find something that was more on the food side. Not gourmet food or snacks but healthier food options. Since going to a health food store can be sooo overwhelming that being able to be introduced to new healthy snacks and products sounds like a really great idea. So after researching I have decided to subscribe with Conscious Box for $19 a month. (which is on the cheaper side compared to the other health conscious box out there)

For my first month, here are the items that I received. Tried out some and some are still waiting to be tried and tested.

I am really excited to try the Last Round Hangover Drink and the Bottle Bright cleaner since I have a tumbler thats just stained by coffee and tea.


Its still too early to tell if this is worth it or if I recommend it since this was my first box. So you’re gunna have to wait for a couple more months until I make my final judgement. but I can’t wait for my August box to be delivered because its like christmas everytime I receive one of these boxes!


  1. I like your pictures! You take time to make them look pretty and have a nice background. The sample boxes seem so interesting. Haha. I am like that too when I find free samples.

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