Follow Through

What was your new years resolution?

Do you still remember exactly what it was or its kind of a blur now?

Well, we are roughly 5.5 month into the year.. almost half way there and the resolution I have set for myself has been left on the curbside. From time to time I think about it but I haven’t really been proactive in trying to fulfill them. One of my resolution that I really want to stick to is FOLLOW THROUGH.

How often do you say your going to do something but don’t?

How often do you start something but don’t finish?

How often do you have the intentions of doing something but don’t?

Too often right? So.. just a reminder to myself and all of us to review what the resolutions we set for ourselves were 5.5 months ago.

Do what I say I was going to do.

Finish what I start.

Start what I want to do.

I shall start…. here….

…..Hello Blog world.

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