summer '14 wishlist copy

Hello Lovelies!

I went off to the mall today just to take a little stroll through the stores with no particular targeted items in mind. As I was walking aimlessly from store to store I realized there were particular items I was on a look out for so I have compiled a so-called “summer wishlist” but these items aren’t necessarily all restricted to summer only.

1. THE SOMEDAY Ivory Jumpsuit – Summer calls for comfy clothing and nothing can be comfier than a loose fitting breezy cotton jumpsuit. I want to find one like this where its loose and relax up top but is tighter fitting around the ankles. I haven’t found one yet at a more affordable price range because all the ones that I have seen have very loose, big, flowy pants. Theres just this effortless comfortable chic-ness to this that I’m loving.

2. Splendid 3/4 sleeve shirt – I actually already have this shirt in blue but I want more in other colors and one being white. These are so comfortable and breathable that its perfect for summer. You can also wear these all year round making it a great staple item to have in your closet. The only thing thats stopping me from going crazy and buying all the colors I want would be that it retails for $88 but you can find them cheaper when they go on sale or on flash sales sites like Hautelook/Ruelala/Gilt.

3. Aviator Sunglasses – I actually just picked up a pair on my trip to the mall today! I’ve always wanted a pair of aviator glasses because its a different look compared to regular plastic frame sunglasses. Its a more edgier look.  My face, cheeks, and nose makes it really hard to actually find a good pair of sunglasses that fits my face. I have tried on countless pairs of aviators and none looks good so I have pretty much given up on looking but to my surprise I found a pair with floral sides today for $5 at Charlotte Russe! I couldn’t believe my eyes after I put them on that they actually look good.

4. Abercrombie&Fitch Olivia Drapey Pants – Back to the whole comfiness thing, these pants definitely look comfy. Its loose but fitting at the ankle BUT its so much more flattering then harem pants. Its like a toned down version of harem pants if I had to describe it in simple terms. These are obviously super casual but you can also dress it up with heels or booties so its quite versatile. I haven’t tried these on myself so I don’t actually know how it will look on me but I have seen other bloggers styling something like this and its super chic.

5. Asymmetrical Skirt/Skort- These are probably going out of trend for all I know because it’s been around for awhile now but I haven’t found ones that I like yet. Most I’ve seen are skorts which is totally fine but my only problem with those are that the front looks like a skirt but the back shows the shorts. I find that to be really awkward like the manufacturer got lazy and just said lets save money and time and forget about the back piece!

6. Phillip Lim Pashli Mini/Medium – Not sure which size I would get if I really were to make the purchase. I think the mini is adorable but the medium would be more practical (obviously -_-). I have thought about what color I would like my next purse to be and I have decided a purple eggplant color. Its not quite black but its dark enough where it can pass as black so it can be matched with any color. This purse did come out with a purple at one point but its not part of their regular collection colors so I would have to wait for it return (if ever).

7. Manolo Blahnik’ Chaos Cuff Sandal- Something about the simpleness of these strappy heels looks so good with just about every outfit you can imagine. There are so many variations now on the market but its still hard to find a pair thats good looking, comfortable, and affordable. What I’m looking for is a very thin ankle strap because the thinner it is the less it would look like you’re cutting off your feet.

If you guys see anything that matches my description with an affordable price tag then please send them my way!
Whats items are you currently scouting for?

❤ Jessica